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Chapter 09 General Principles of Agency

Covers agency and non-agency relationships, agent's duties to clients, creation of agency and non-agency agreements (listing contracts and buyer-agency agreements), disclosure of conflict of interest, responsibilities of agents to customers and third parties, and termination of agency.
  • 09A Agency and Non-Agency Relationships
  • 09B Creation of Agency Relationships
  • 09C Single Agency
  • 09D Dual Agency
  • 09E Designated Agency
  • 09F Subagency
  • 09G Categories of Agency Relationships
  • 09H Listing Contracts with Sellers
  • 09I Agency_Agreements with Buyers
  • 09J Disclosure and Termination of Agency
  • Chapter 9 Exam #1
  • Chapter 9 Exam #2
  • Chapter 9 Exam #9
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed