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Chapter 04 Title and Deeds

Chapter 4 of the national textbook. Covers the concept of title, how title is transferred between owners, investingating title and title status, title insurance, marketing Vs insurable title, descent and distribution of real property after death, all about deeds, types of deeds, actual notice, constructive notice and the importance of recording a deed.
  • 4A The Home Sale Process
  • 4B Understanding Title
  • 4C Investigating Title
  • 4D Title Insurance
  • 4E Transfer of Title
  • 4F All About Deeds
  • 4G Types of Deeds
  • 4H Recording A Deed
  • Chapter 4 Exam #1
  • Chapter 4 Exam #2
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Chapter 4 Exam #2"